Employment Statistics

Yale Law students are among the most sought after in the nation by employers of all types. Our alumni are prominent both within and outside of the legal profession. They work in private practice, ranging from one-person offices to major firms; in federal, state, and local government, including Congress, the Office of the President, and the judiciary; in law teaching and administration; in public service settings; for corporations and businesses; and for nonprofit organizations.

In accordance with the ABA guidelines, the Class of 2014 Employment Chart depicts the employment of our Class of 2014 at nine months after graduation. Get more information for post-graduate data for the Classes of 2013 and 2012.

Read Pulling Back the Curtain on the Latest US New Rankings for a more detailed explanation of post-graduate employment stats


Summer Employment Charts

Employment sectors students have worked in:

First year of law school reflections

Second year of law school reflections


The CDO produces a report on the number of graduates reporting a clerkship at various times after graduation as well as the total number of clerkships obtained by graduates in each class year. Read the Judicial Clerkship Employment Chart. Given that so many of our graduates clerk after graduation, we also provide data on their First Non-Clerkship Employment.

Finally, each spring, CDO collects information about our graduates five years after their law school graduation as reflected in the Five Years After Graduation Chart.


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